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Saturday, March 30

Photo Dump #6

Welcome to another Photo Dump.  

Photo Dumps are simply collections of crappy phone pics and instagram images of life lately.

Driving a disabled Miss Coco sure has it's going to Erin's birthday lunch at Leoness Cellars in Temecula.  I was inspired to have a birthday lunch at a winery one day...when I'm not pregnant. 

O and Betsey continue their friendship.  He has now taken to trying to spoon and nap with her.

We visited the Butterfly Jungle with Amanda and Quinn.  Quinn was not as impressed as I was that one landed on Amanda for so long.

O's hair got progressively curlier the longer we stayed in the Butterfly sauna that is the exhibit.  

As good as I could get of a pic of Quinn and O...he was too busy covering the gorilla's toes with woodchips, and of course tossing them everywhere.

O and Papa having a coloring break.  How lucky is this kid??

We made a trip up to the OC, strictly to shop the kids section at Zara.  I know I'm not crazy for doing this, since our friends the McDougals met us there, too.  But anyway, on the way I had to stop at target JUST to exchange a top real quick.  I ended up deciding I liked the top still, and that I liked $67 else worth of things before we checked out. Someone slap me.  But O found this ball and played with it all over the store until it was time to leave. I asked if he wanted to put it back (stupid question, I KNOW) and of course he said "no!" and I said he could have it, IF he held the entire time until we got to the checkout.  I figured this would be impossible since the fun of a giant ball is obviously throwing it.  Well, you can see who won.  I'm shocked he held it all the way.  And proceeded to hold it like this halfway to Orange County until he fell asleep.

I'm normally fairly strict about how much sugar he gets, but I couldn't rightfully eat a cream puff in front of him without sharing a little...

Food Truck Fridays...I was taking a picture of O, Eli and Ryan talking to the girl playing guitar and look who I got in my photo, totally unknown to me, until we got home that night and I looked through my photos!  That's little Harper, front and center.  I can't believe I missed seeing her and her mama there!

Playing tackle soccer, obviously

My food truck of choice for the night, God Save The Cuisine!

Talk about friends coming through for you...Thank you a million times to Becca for getting me these jumbo sized boxes of Panda and Koala cookies at an Asian market.  Love you!!!!!

Easter Egg filling time.  Oh, and the picture of the Stevia plant?  I've become obsessed with Stevia and Ty is convinced it is an artificial sweetener and it's been an ongoing thing.  We were down at Fashion Valley for Grandma's annual birthday lunch with just the girls and I saw this outside of TrueFood Kitchen.  Proof. 
(I'm not allowed to say "I told you so")

Here's the latest Coco recovery update.  She got an awesome ultrasound bone healer this week she has to use everyday for 20 minutes in the same spot.  She said she needed to mark the spot on her arm with a rub on tattoo or a sharpie.  I found some gorgeous tatts for her at party city.  Super classy!



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