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Monday, April 8

Actual Easter Day Hunt and Round Up

A week late, but here's my wrap up of Easter Sunday...if I don't post these pics now I never will!

We continued our tradition of having Ry and Kindy come over to Grandma's where our Easter dinne is always held for O and Eli to hunt.  Last year, I was recovering from food poisoning on Easter, so I woke up long enough to walk outside, dump a bag of eggs on the grass in giant heap and puke my way back indoors.  The boys were like 11 months and 9 months respectively, so whatever. I tried.  This year, everyone was feeling much better. And the boys were much, much more into it!  Loved it.

And they're off

Daddy-son crouching

Finding my actual hidden eggs

Eli dropped his basket at one point..ever the opportunist, my child...

O abandoned his basket..

And look at Eli being a concerned citizen, returning it to him!

Digging in

Wagon time

Look at that face!

Can't wait till next year...and I cannot believe there will be two more babies there next year! Eek!



Kindy Lunde said...

so glad you were feeling better this year! our boys are so freakin cute i cant stand it!

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