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Thursday, May 16


I recently took a hiatus from blogging due to a personal family tragedy...It wasn't an intentional hiatus, it's just been insanely busy adjusting to a new life, while already going through the transition of expecting a new little one, daily life with a toddler, ect.  I've tried multiple times to blog about what happened last month, but it's been a disaster everytime, and nothing I write does justice, so that shall wait until time better heals the wound.  

But, until then, I am back with updates on the happy moments that have occurred since. 

If I have learned anything from the past month, it is this.  Life is so fragile, we must celebrate each and every day.  So, I will start by recounting my celebrations here.

 My little love turned TWO.

My Brother graduated grad school.

We celebrated a fabulous Mothers Day.

My darling Penelope was showered at my baby sprinkle.

I scheduled my repeat c-section.

And now we are all anxiously preparing for her arrival.

So sit back and enjoy the updates coming here very shortly.




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