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Saturday, June 1

Photo Dump #8

Life has been so busy these past few weeks, savoring my time left with just O all while preparing for little miss P!  

Here's a quick run down of some happy times lately:

Becca, her mom Barbara and I all got to go to the Dancing With The Stars Finals!   It was AMAZING and if I had more energy, I would tell you every single last detail.  But long story short, we brushed fame with a bajillion celebs (I was seated next to Derek's family and Mark's girlfriend!!  Becca was right by Patti Stanger! Plus she talked to Kelli Pickler!)

They make you check your phones outside, so here's our after picture (keyword AFTER...DWTS is a super fun but looooong day!)

Screen shot Megan posted of us on TV! 

Ty and O hanging out with Bets.  Pants optional.

My amazing Mother's Day card.  O walked down to our room and said "Here Mama!" very proud of himself, and I teared up. And not just because there was an Aero bar stuffed in the envelope.

We crashed our friend's vacation in Palm Springs for a much needed pool day and fam getaway.  Thanks, Polancos!!!  

Note to friends: If you invite us on your family vacation, I hope you are serious, because we WILL show up! haha

A little teaser from my INCREDIBLE baby sprinkle.  That gets it's own post though!  Love Val, Lena and Kat.  These girls all drove from the IE or OC to celebrate baby P!

My Besties, Bree, Becca and Jess, who were responsible for the whole thing.  Love. Love. Love!

Still having fun baking these little gems...this was a custom order for a baby shower for boy/girl twins!

My brother Ryan graduated with his MBA from Point Loma.  Such a fun day and I truly appreciated the spectacle his girlfriend Kristen created.  If you know my brother, you know spectacles are his nightmare.  So these signs and airhorns were perf...

Good job, bro!

Gma insisted O was chilly and needed to be cuddled on such a "brisk" May morning in San Diego.

...More of the spectacle....


Me looking super preg with the whole fam

Ry's friends call him "Hashtag" b/c he wanted to be "Number Wann" (get it? slightly douchy, I agree) for Ultimate Frisbee...but it ended up looking like "hashtag Wann" ...and voila!

If I haven't said it here before, I LOVE Ryan's girlfriend, Kristen.  Possibly more than him.  I've told him this in person, so I don't feel bad telling the internet.

My boys

Nothing like a precious baby girl newborn shoot to make my baby fever spike...

One of the many things I love about Ty?  He's a patient, and actually willing, shopping partner.  Like I don't even have to ask if he will go with me to try on cheap dresses at F21 and to look at more bamboo blankets at Nordies. I know he just will, and he won't complain once.  Now that we have O, he's also an amazing department store baby wrangler/entertainer which allows Mom to shop in peace and at her leisure, all the while still being around my favorites.  What's better?  

Case in point.  I'm checking out at the Brass Plum counter and I hear O say "Mama, look!"  So fabulous, my child!

O and his friend Sofia at her second birthday!  They're both too interested in the Pinata behind me to pose cute this year, I guess.

Mama Coco's booze free invention that she really stole from the Macaroni Grill.  Alchy-free Mojito that tastes amaaaazing.

On that note, I hope you all have a wonderful, refreshing weekend!