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Tuesday, June 18

Turning Food Into A Human is Hard Work

The countdown is getting real around here, guys. 

In 17 days or less I'm going to be the mother of TWO.  
{Cue the panic and thoughts of "Oh My Gosh, what were we thinking?!}

But, I know that the sheer exhaustion I'm feeling now is really the result of the pregnancy taking it's toll on the words of Gloria from Modern Family, I'm turning food into a human, after all.  Think about it...that's bound to exhaust a person...let alone a person who is already chasing a VERY, VERY busy toddler.  

And a demanding one at that...not demanding in the sense that he is needy, because luckily O is actually incredibly independent and entertains himself for hours on end (hence right now, I'm in the office typing and he's in the living room, within earshot and visibility, cutting up fake bread and fruit and taking fake bites saying "mmm, it's delicious.") 

BUT, when O wants something, let me tell you, he TELLS you.   
"Mommmmmmyyyy, COLD water, peas!" for example.  Heaven forbid the child drink room temperature reverse osmosis.

He's amazing and the brightest spot in everything.

But I digress.  We're having another baby, and SOON.  Everything is getting started...I'm starting regular non-stress tests at the hospital because of her single umbilical artery and fluid that's a bit low...which I really don't mind at all, since I tend to freak out about everything and being strapped to monitors for an hour+ while they make sure she's reacting well is definitely reassuring.  But geez, we're up to THREE doctors appointments a week for the next week and a half!

I'm constantly re-writing and crossing things off my "to do before baby" checklist.
So far, the hospital bag is pack, the last minute nursery items have been bought (scored amazing designer bumpers at the Ollie and Me sidewalk sale 80% off!), newborn photography props have been purchased, and I figured out how to use our strollers rumble seat.  We tried it out this weekend at the fair and it was surprisingly a success, even with Eli and O riding together, when it's really designed for an infant and toddler.

I still have to finish sending out thank you's, and have Tyler dig out and re-assemble our swing, bouncer, breast pump and all that fun stuff from storage.
I *think* that's it for now.

Oh, and I have to post pictures of the nursery!  I am getting all sorts of requests for that, and I'm excited other people get just as excited as I do for baby room reveals!

So, adding that to the to do list...



Amanda said...

Eeeekk! She will be here so soon!

valerie carol said...

Sooo excited for you, Rachel!!! I can't wait to meet Penelope!


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