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Monday, July 15

Welcome To The World, Penelope {Best Birthday Ever}

If you follow me on FB or Instagram, you already know our good news.

On July 5th, at 8:14 in the morning, which also happened to be my 28th Birthday, we welcomed our beautiful daughter, Penelope Mae, into the world.

It was a beautiful, peaceful birth and since then we have been happily holed up in the hospital, and now at home, soaking in the precious newborn moments.

Birth story, hospital photos, newborn photos, all those good things will come in due time...but for now I'm cuddling my tiny girl and loving on my new family of four.



Amanda said...

She is prefect in every way! Congrats mama! Can't wait for lots of playdates with four kiddos! Xoxo

Lindsay Herkert said...

Congratulations on a beautiful baby girl Rachel! I LOVE her name!

Anne Basso said...

Have a wonderful baby moon. I miss those days. <3

max den said...

Amazing post.

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