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Wednesday, February 27

Photo Dump #4

It's been another busy week over here on our mountain. Check out some crappy pictures of our fun times.

The morning I decided I couldn't postpone another haircut.

We went and walked around discovery lake with Aunty Kindy, Eli, Kimi and Jolene, had a little picnic and some playground time.

O, Jolene and Eli.

Soccer.  Of course, my child would be super active, freakishly coordinated and into sports.  Thanks, universe.  Good thing I really dig snack bars. 

We went to Hullaballoo at UTC.  O made a run for the door at one point and bumped in to some guy.  I looked up to say sorry, and recognized the man from the Nyquil commercials.  AKA Drew Brees.  I immediately turned around and mouthed to Amy, "Is that Drew Brees?" but I didn't need to wait for a response.  The room full of moms with their phones out sneaking stalker this one...confirmed it.  Hint to Mr. dudes go to Hullaballoo, ever.  So, I hope you weren't trying to blend in.

UTC playground after Hullaballoo with Avery, Harper, Morgan and Pey.  My kid is obviously a ladies man.

I convinced him not to try and climb this.  Going under is way cooler, and less likely to give mom an anxiety attack.

I had a 1st Birthday photo shoot for an adorable little girl!  So much glitter and tulle!

Coco has been out of commission entirely lately from a gnarly accident at work that left her with a broken arm and ankle injury.  But that has  given me an excuse to try out some new recipes for the whole fam.  I had 6 people + O to please with this Pioneer Woman dish...a beef stir fry with snow peas.  It was SO good.  I'll post the recipe soon.  I cannot wait to make it again.

Sunday morning breakfast after church.  I'm always craving Einsteins.  O wanted to be a big boy with a real cup (read:a sample coffee cup) AKA I left his water bottle in the car and wasn't about to go get it.  He was SO careful, and asked for "More Peas!" three times. I couldn't be happier to oblige.  Love this little one so incredibly much, like it's absolutely crazy sometime. 

Ty giving O a new Beiber-ish hairstyle after bath time.

This was the cutest get well pressie ever!!  Bree sent it home for Coco. <3 nbsp="" p="">
She is always beyond thoughtful!

Fun with cousin...Eli mid leap and O playing with Monty.  I will never get tired of watching these two play.  O asks randomly to "see Ali?" or "see cousin?" and luckily, we're only a few miles away. 


Wednesday, February 20

The Official Name {Finally!}

I had my anatomy scan today.  I went alone, as it was spontaneously rescheduled and Ty was at work.  I debated if I should go alone, since the last anatomy scan was such a disaster when we found out Oliver had two soft markers from chromosomal disorders, one of which turned into this.

But, I felt strangely confident everything was going to be fine this time around.  

And it was.

I saw our beautiful, healthy baby girl dancing around on the screen.  She has an official name, now, too, so without further adieu...
I'm calling her Penny, and basically everyone has a different nickname for her from Poppy to Nelly.

When Ty and I were on our honeymoon, we were on a Spanish cruise ship, and there was only one English channel on TV. It played only two movies, and episodes of The Big Bang Theory in rotation.  We fell in love with the show, and I fell in love with the name Penny, and the longer version of it, Penelope.  I'm HUGE on Sibsets (the "art" of matching brother and sister names), and I loved the way it sounded with Oliver, which is important since I will often be saying them together for the rest of my life.

I started researching name after name with this pregnancy, and Penelope/Penny always came back to mind.  Then, once I found this listing on Nameberry, I knew we had our name...scroll to the bottom of the listing to see why...

^ Oliver !!!  Love. Perfect.  Sold. 

Then it was on to the middle name.  This didn't take too much time either, as Mae is the name of Ty's paternal grandmother who passed away last year. Then, I looked up the Nameberry for Mae and what did I find....

^ Oliver, again!!!  It was fate.

For the curious, also in the running was Sadie, which I still love, but was cancelled out by Ty because of the Beatles song, "Sexy Sadie".  While I argued that that wasn't the worst nickname in the world to have, Ty was convinced some tot on the playground would surely be a music buff and know the song.   If it was a boy, it would have been Sawyer.  

We all love you so much, Penny, and can't wait to meet you on the outside.


Monday, February 18

Photo Dump #3 {Valentines Day & President's Day Weekend Edition}

For Vday this year, I got O together with two of his little tot friends to have a day crafting some Valentines for dad's and grandparents (and boyfriends, in Morgan's case).  I came prepared with these PB & B(anana) heart sandwiches and the kids we're good sports putting heart stickers on the "hedgehugs" and painted handprints on doilies.

Morgan, Pey and O watching the Cat in The Hat Valentines movie during lunch.

These two are baby besties!

Ty was cute as usual for vday with his flower choices!  One of his clients gave him a gift certificate to the Crab Catcher in La Jolla, so we finally took advantage of it.  We've never done the whole fancy restaurant on Vday thing, but it was nice to get out just the two of us.  And my filet was cooked to a preggo's perfection!

I celebrated being 20 weeks preg! Halfway there!

O LOVES his letters at bath time lately.  These are some of the ones he has mastered so far!  I die hearing him point out letters when he sees words.  When he saw my brother's Sony Vaio yesterday, he just read "A, I, O!" and beamed, very proud of himself.

We had a little family day at Seaworld on Saturday, meeting up with cousin Eli, Ryan and Kindy, Kindy's mom, brother and his new fiance. The boys loved the penguins, especially the outdoor ones.

Trying desperately to get into the Penguin exhibit. 

Today we went to Coronado for our daily walk, fed ducks and then headed over to Liberty Station to try this burger joint I've heard good things about called "Slater's 50/50".  Umm...LOVE.  It's a build your own burger place like The Counter, except the house patty is 50% beef and 50% ground bacon.  Salty perfection.  Add an order of 1/2 fried pickles and 1/2 fries that comes with bacon ketchup and a set of giant Jenga blocks outside in the beer garden and I'm like, really, really satisfied with life.  O was happy with the pickles and "a BLOCK!!"  

A game where you're NOT supposed to topple the blocks is seriously not a toddler concept.  But he loved stacking and toppling. 

I wanted to send Ty a pic of O enjoying his lunch since he had to work today, and requested a "big smile".  O thinks big smile means just squint your eyes really, really hard.  So, there you go.  



Friday, February 8

Photo Dump #2

If you follow me on FB or Instagram, you have seen me whining all week about the worst cold EVER to hit our fam.  It's been one rough week of a WHOLE lot of Caillou and "Cat A Hat" (Cat in the Hat) and very, very little sleep.  O hasn't been a sick baby necessarily throughout his little life...never really had a bad fever, and only a few puking incidents (minus his brief reign of terror as the king of projectile vomit only in public as a small infant). But this cold and flu season has shown no mercy and has slowly attacked poor O, now Ty and me. 

Why the excessive whining, though?  Because I'm pregnant and can't take ANYTHING to alleviate my gnarly congestion, which won't let me sleep at all and makes my head feel like it's going to explode.     Combine preg hormones, no sleep, head on the verge of explosion, and a sick toddler whose walking around saying "my nose ouch" all day who you ALSO can't give any REAL meds to :( and it's basically the worst.  

 Anyway, despite all that drama, we had a fun week leading up to the enjoy a little photo dump of our once smiling faces!

We went to the botanical gardens with our friends Quinn and her cousins Lily and Ella that we've played with a few times now.  It was a such a fun day, I absolutely love it, even though O turned a clogged drinking fountain into his personal water table and got soaked by that and this disgusting water feature they have there.  He rode home in just a diaper.

Spy the tiniest lizard ever?  Leave it to O to find him!

DL with Dada

Hullaballoo at the Bernardo Winery.  We love shaking shakers and waving scarves.  O spent no time getting right to the front.

Then it hit.  Superbowl sunday, not feeling so super...

My sad panda!

Hopefully the next time you hear from us, we are 100% and back to scarf waving.  Everything crossed!


Thursday, February 7

A Little DL For The Soul

 We headed up to DL last week when Ty had a weekday off for some reconnecting.  There's been a lot of various stress lately and for a variety of reasons, we haven't gotten to spend much quality time together just us two, or as a fam of three.  So, off we went to our favorite haunt. 

If you saw my video last week on FB, you seen my child's lastest "dramatic moments" at the Toontown Glass Factory. 

We spent about half the day in Toontown, with Oliver being such a little ham.  He would push the doorbell for the "glass factory" which immediately makes the sounds of shattering glass.  Everytime, he would cover his mouth and shout "OHHHH NO!"  He probably did this twenty times. So cute, son.  Dying over you!

He ruined about 19 peoples pictures by doing this repeatedly...

I haven't posted O's stats lately because I've been preg and lazy and also busy with him, but he's 32 lbs and a lot of those lbs are in his calves.  Most babies lose the chubby legs as they get older and thin out, and while he is thinning out in the torso as he continues to grow, his legs turned into muscle.. or at least they are some kind of chub that is hard.  I don't know the specifics, I just know he has some THICK legs compared to all our baby friends.  They are approximately the same size as his thighs, as evident below...

...and for some running and climbing at the wilderness camp.  Swear we could spend the whole day running across the rope bridges.