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Sunday, March 31

Kansas City Cousin Visit Photo Dump #7

Earlier this month, our cousins (well, technically Ty and his brother's cousin Caitlin and her husband Jeff) came out to visit for a long weekend.  We had an absolute blast with them and despite having only met Caitlin and Jeff once before last year when we went back to Texas, I felt like I had known them my whole life.  We just all got along so well, and had a fabulous time showing them America's Finest City!

We hit up the beach, the zoo, a park, a few shops, Stone Brewery, Hacienda De Vega, Boxd, Downtown Disney, the Gaslamp district, In n Out (because you HAVE to get out of towners some!), had an eclectic BBQ featuring pizza, hot dogs, baked beans, strawberry salad and donuts, ect ect ect.  Seriously, the whole weekend was so much fun for us, just playing tourists in our own town.

Here's a photo dump of some of the trip!

Last year, O was ALL about the water at the beach...much to my dismay.  I've traveled too much to know how cold and miserable our water is here.  This year, however, it was early March, and O got a taste of what real San Diego water feels like.  He didn't like it.  I was pleased.  

Not wanting to get his feet in it child.

The following photos are here to show just HOW GOOD Cali looks on Cait and Jeff.

The boys being boys...

Taking a breather

Please notice the twins in Sue Sylvester track suits...

This was fun!

At the Zoo...trying to find elusive otters

Panda spotting

This didn't go according to plan at all...

We did a million cool things, but apparently I was too busy chatting to catch the rest.  
Oh, well,  guess we'll have to plan another fam reunion!!!  I cannot wait for the next vacay with this crew!!!


Saturday, March 30

Photo Dump #6

Welcome to another Photo Dump.  

Photo Dumps are simply collections of crappy phone pics and instagram images of life lately.

Driving a disabled Miss Coco sure has it's going to Erin's birthday lunch at Leoness Cellars in Temecula.  I was inspired to have a birthday lunch at a winery one day...when I'm not pregnant. 

O and Betsey continue their friendship.  He has now taken to trying to spoon and nap with her.

We visited the Butterfly Jungle with Amanda and Quinn.  Quinn was not as impressed as I was that one landed on Amanda for so long.

O's hair got progressively curlier the longer we stayed in the Butterfly sauna that is the exhibit.  

As good as I could get of a pic of Quinn and O...he was too busy covering the gorilla's toes with woodchips, and of course tossing them everywhere.

O and Papa having a coloring break.  How lucky is this kid??

We made a trip up to the OC, strictly to shop the kids section at Zara.  I know I'm not crazy for doing this, since our friends the McDougals met us there, too.  But anyway, on the way I had to stop at target JUST to exchange a top real quick.  I ended up deciding I liked the top still, and that I liked $67 else worth of things before we checked out. Someone slap me.  But O found this ball and played with it all over the store until it was time to leave. I asked if he wanted to put it back (stupid question, I KNOW) and of course he said "no!" and I said he could have it, IF he held the entire time until we got to the checkout.  I figured this would be impossible since the fun of a giant ball is obviously throwing it.  Well, you can see who won.  I'm shocked he held it all the way.  And proceeded to hold it like this halfway to Orange County until he fell asleep.

I'm normally fairly strict about how much sugar he gets, but I couldn't rightfully eat a cream puff in front of him without sharing a little...

Food Truck Fridays...I was taking a picture of O, Eli and Ryan talking to the girl playing guitar and look who I got in my photo, totally unknown to me, until we got home that night and I looked through my photos!  That's little Harper, front and center.  I can't believe I missed seeing her and her mama there!

Playing tackle soccer, obviously

My food truck of choice for the night, God Save The Cuisine!

Talk about friends coming through for you...Thank you a million times to Becca for getting me these jumbo sized boxes of Panda and Koala cookies at an Asian market.  Love you!!!!!

Easter Egg filling time.  Oh, and the picture of the Stevia plant?  I've become obsessed with Stevia and Ty is convinced it is an artificial sweetener and it's been an ongoing thing.  We were down at Fashion Valley for Grandma's annual birthday lunch with just the girls and I saw this outside of TrueFood Kitchen.  Proof. 
(I'm not allowed to say "I told you so")

Here's the latest Coco recovery update.  She got an awesome ultrasound bone healer this week she has to use everyday for 20 minutes in the same spot.  She said she needed to mark the spot on her arm with a rub on tattoo or a sharpie.  I found some gorgeous tatts for her at party city.  Super classy!


Wednesday, March 20

My Favorite Age: 23 Months

My darling boy, in one month, you turn TWO. 

I often think about what my favorite age with you has been, and I think it's today: 23 months. I think that because every day, week, month, I keep thinking "you just keep getting better and better....this motherhood thing just keeps more amazing."  While I see squishy newborns and miss the early days with only one little tiny immobile babe (oh, those days were so easy compared to toddler days with an adventurer!)  daily life with you is summed up best in three words: SO MUCH FUN. Every single day you say and do the funniest things.  You make up funny games to play, and specific ones for each family member.  You interact with your favorite TV show, talking back and laughing.    Long story short, I adore how you relate to me and your daddy and everyone in conversation, in affection...hearing and seeing what's going on in your little brain is fascinating!  Everyday when Daddy gets home just in time for your bath, I recount the funny stories of the day, and we sit there busting up laughing at what you said and did.  Man, this post is not doing the justice it's not even coming close to explaining how much I love you, how much I ENJOY you, how much fun I have playing with you on a daily basis.  I wish I had the words right now to explain that properly.

Motor Skills:
What can't you do physically??  Honestly, I have no are so strong and so coordinated, which you definitely got from your father.  You love kicking soccer balls, and we spent some fun times at the park kicking around a ball.  You are catching more and more.  You love to run and I don't get this at all.  Even if we're couped up in the house, you want to be chased in a large circle around the living room with your pull alligator until I get sick and throw up my breakfast in the kitchen sink (true story), or will simply run in circles around me as I sit in the mush pot and try not to think about how dizzy you must be!!  The other day your ran around me in a wide circle for 17 minutes straight.  Yes, I timed it.  How I adored those flushed cheeks and your sweaty head full of curls when you finally crashed into my lap.

Mental Development:
I don't even know where to start on this one.  How are you so smart??  You put things together I would have never dreamed you could at this age. Your vocab is out of this world, even your ped who sees tons of children everyday was impressed with your ability to string together 4 and 5 word sentences, that are relevant to the situation at that.  Everyone told me boys talk I credit your language to having so many loving people talking to you nonstop.  You talk about "Becky" aka Betsey insessantly.  I hear you on the monitor asking about her..."Becky.....Becky, where go? Gone? Becky, wake up!" I think you think she can hear you bc you can hear her outside. Truth be told, you're probably right.  

You started singing this month for reals and that made mama sooooo happy.  You sing the "Go, Go, Go" song from Cat in the Hat, the Caillou theme song (though my love/hate relationship with that baldie is a story for another day, and I can't wait to tell you how annoying he really is once you're older). My favorite, though, is "Hallelu, Hallelu".  You nod your head to the rhythm and I watch as you try to master all those difficult L's.  Your little voice, carrying a tune, ugh, I die every time.  

You say "I Love You" now, and it's the best thing ever.  I tell you to say it all the time because it never gets old.

Funny Stuff:
After leaving Sunday school, I told you to tell your teacher "Thank You".  Instead, you waved and said "You're Welcome!"  You repeated this this past week at MOPS, which makes me think you are a tad over confident to assume you are doing people a favor by letting them watch you.  Of course, Mama thinks you're right, despite social protocol telling us to actually thank these people.   

You LOVE your cousin and frequently ask to "See Eli?" which you pronounce like "Alli".  I adore how much fun you two have just chasing each other and laughing seriously crazy Monty the bulldog together, calling her out on her frequent flatulence. We are so so blessed for you to have each other.  You fight over a shared water bottle or toy car, and then the next second are off running after one another, peals of laughter all over the place.  

I don't think I've updated your growth in awhile on here.  We went to the ped last month to get you caught up on the immunizations I had spaced out, and your were just over 36" and 32lbs.   I am SO glad you are starting to slow down on the massive growth somewhat, just for the fact you are outgrowing your clothes slower.  Those shoes especially were costing mama a small fortune.  Plus it makes me sad that I can't buy you anything from ANY baby section anymore. Please stay in your size 7 shoes for awhile.

Bad News:, ALL times, I have no idea where you get SO much energy.  I know you don't really understand that Mama is growing a new baby and already has compromised energy.  And I know you don't understand Mama is nursing your crippled Nana back to health, helping her with everything she can't do.  So, between that, and my full time job of playing with, chasing, meal prepping, cleaning up after, loving on and caring for you, you've got me spent. You're a little boy with a world to explore...who has time to sit still??? You are so much fun, but fun comes at an energy sucking cost.  
I would love it if you never touched the doggies water bowls again.  Because as much as I know you want me to change my mind, they are not in fact in door water tables.

I love you more than anything...Here's to your last month being ONE!  

Thursday, March 14

Photo Dump #5

Whew!  I had no idea it had been so long since my last post!  Things have been busy, busy, busy around these parts!!!  

We had a massive adult cousin filled long weekend this past week...Usually when we talk cousins it's all about the babies, but this past weekend, Ty's Kansas City cousins Caitlin and Jeff flew into visit, so we had a blast showing them around SD and OC with Ry and Kindy, Saturday through Monday.  Not only that, my own favorite cousin was celebrating her birthday with a fun dinner and pub crawl in North Park, and yes, the preggo made it to two stops and would have stayed longer had Ty (the non-preggo...just to be clear) not been exhausted.   Separate posts with those pics coming soon!

Here's a peek into the past couple weeks:

Case of the missing shih tzu solved!
Chaucer was sleeping on the clothes in the hamper and someone thought it would be funny to close the lid on poor wittle Chauc.
Great Grandpa taught O to play "poker"...apparently it is a pants optional game.

Still loving his alphabet time at night with Daddy

Betsey love on a brisk morning.
Seeing pictures like this...knowing my child is a 3 foot tall giant..I have NO idea why we have such a massive dog.

Homemade magic shell made with just coconut oil and chocolate chips. 
So much better than the store bought, plus NO preservatives and chemicals.  

Finding a fountain is always great for him, horrible for me.

Before story time at the library

Being a bad influence on Quinn at the fountain....

Delish new chili dish!
{turkey chili with diced polenta and jack cheese all in one pot. SO good}

O enjoying a babyccino with lunch
My latest preggo craving!  I can only find these at world market but I'm seriously going to clean out their stock soon.  And that scares me.  If you know where else they sell them, please do tell!