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Monday, May 20

Oliver Turns 2!

As promised, I am finally starting to update on the past month.  While everything seems so unimportant when tragedy strikes, I know I need to document the fun, happy memories that were had in the midst of it all.  And right there, my little boy turned 2.

I will save the sentimental stuff for another day...which should be soon, considering I am extra hormonal these days.

I started planning Oliver's second birthday months ago...but with the pregnancy, a few complications, general life stress, I just couldn't get it together the way I wanted to...ala last years Neverland 1st birthday, but even better. So, since I knew this was the last year I could probably get away with him not being totally aware of his birthday, we decided on a small close friends and family gathering only and a trip to see the mouse.  

Then, once everything happened, I knew I couldn't even go through with that, it was too much and too we downsized to only closest family, cake and pizza at home.   Despite what had happened just three days prior, it was amazing to be surrounded by family celebrating the two years of life with this little one, and to be thankful that Grandpa saw those two years as well.  

On to happy pictures!!!

Nana and Papa surprised Oliver with a Schwinn for tots!  It's one of those grow with you trikes, but I appreciate the parent steering mechanism for now. He loves it, and knows that when he sees his helmet, it's trike time!

Saying "Hi!!" to the passerbys

No hands!

Cake time!  Note to self: Don't blow off the wax number candles at Target for the cuter ones at Whole Foods.  They smell like a dirty hippie.

Making a wish...which was probably, "let me at that cake!"

Opening his presents..

...Wanting to stop everything to look at the books from Kristen..

"A Thomas!!"

...Back to Kristen's book...

Quality smooch face for Uncle Ryan W. (He has two uncle Ryan's, plus an adult cousin Ryan, so life is confusing for this one)

Trains from cousin Eli!!

Happy Birthday, my little one.  You will always be my baby.

Thursday, May 16


I recently took a hiatus from blogging due to a personal family tragedy...It wasn't an intentional hiatus, it's just been insanely busy adjusting to a new life, while already going through the transition of expecting a new little one, daily life with a toddler, ect.  I've tried multiple times to blog about what happened last month, but it's been a disaster everytime, and nothing I write does justice, so that shall wait until time better heals the wound.  

But, until then, I am back with updates on the happy moments that have occurred since. 

If I have learned anything from the past month, it is this.  Life is so fragile, we must celebrate each and every day.  So, I will start by recounting my celebrations here.

 My little love turned TWO.

My Brother graduated grad school.

We celebrated a fabulous Mothers Day.

My darling Penelope was showered at my baby sprinkle.

I scheduled my repeat c-section.

And now we are all anxiously preparing for her arrival.

So sit back and enjoy the updates coming here very shortly.