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Sunday, June 30

I have a niece!

My beautiful, wonderful niece Quinn Aubrey was born last week in a crazy fast unmedicated labor.  Her quick birth terrifies me slightly and kind of makes me want to camp outside of the hospital for the next 4 (four!!) days.

  Welcome to our family, Quinn! 

I was lucky enough to take her newborn photos this week, so those will be up shortly!  
So much exciting stuff going on around here lately...

We love you so much already, Quinn, and I can't wait for your (new) cousin to meet you!!!

Tuesday, June 18

Turning Food Into A Human is Hard Work

The countdown is getting real around here, guys. 

In 17 days or less I'm going to be the mother of TWO.  
{Cue the panic and thoughts of "Oh My Gosh, what were we thinking?!}

But, I know that the sheer exhaustion I'm feeling now is really the result of the pregnancy taking it's toll on the words of Gloria from Modern Family, I'm turning food into a human, after all.  Think about it...that's bound to exhaust a person...let alone a person who is already chasing a VERY, VERY busy toddler.  

And a demanding one at that...not demanding in the sense that he is needy, because luckily O is actually incredibly independent and entertains himself for hours on end (hence right now, I'm in the office typing and he's in the living room, within earshot and visibility, cutting up fake bread and fruit and taking fake bites saying "mmm, it's delicious.") 

BUT, when O wants something, let me tell you, he TELLS you.   
"Mommmmmmyyyy, COLD water, peas!" for example.  Heaven forbid the child drink room temperature reverse osmosis.

He's amazing and the brightest spot in everything.

But I digress.  We're having another baby, and SOON.  Everything is getting started...I'm starting regular non-stress tests at the hospital because of her single umbilical artery and fluid that's a bit low...which I really don't mind at all, since I tend to freak out about everything and being strapped to monitors for an hour+ while they make sure she's reacting well is definitely reassuring.  But geez, we're up to THREE doctors appointments a week for the next week and a half!

I'm constantly re-writing and crossing things off my "to do before baby" checklist.
So far, the hospital bag is pack, the last minute nursery items have been bought (scored amazing designer bumpers at the Ollie and Me sidewalk sale 80% off!), newborn photography props have been purchased, and I figured out how to use our strollers rumble seat.  We tried it out this weekend at the fair and it was surprisingly a success, even with Eli and O riding together, when it's really designed for an infant and toddler.

I still have to finish sending out thank you's, and have Tyler dig out and re-assemble our swing, bouncer, breast pump and all that fun stuff from storage.
I *think* that's it for now.

Oh, and I have to post pictures of the nursery!  I am getting all sorts of requests for that, and I'm excited other people get just as excited as I do for baby room reveals!

So, adding that to the to do list...


Friday, June 7

My Baby Sprinkle

I'm finally getting around to sharing some pics from my amazing baby Sprinkle given by mom with a lot of help from my three besties (and Bestie mom!), and my SIL!

It was truly an amazing day to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our own little cupcake!  While I have loved every second of being a mama to a rough and tumble little boy, it's so fun to get to indulge in the pink thing now, too.  I resisted the pink at first...I've been immersed in the world of blue, green and orange for over two years now after all, but never fear, my daughter now has a fully stocked girly wardrobe and a good quantity of the requisite girly headbands and bow socks.  

I was so overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and excitement from everyone that came, thank you all so much, I love you all dearly and am so excited for baby P to meet you all!! :)

On to pics...

Because the theme of this pregnancy has been craving sugar (still surprised I passed that glucose test!) we went with a "sprinkle" theme.  Totally reaching, I know!!

The invites Becca found for me served as our color palette inspiration.

The gorgeous table!

Most amazing diaper cake ever from Bree.  It's even stuffed with color-coordinating Honest diapers!! Ugh, I love you, B, for indulging my paranoia and ordering my special diapers!!! 

 I left this in tact, until it made Oliver ask for "cake, peas" every 5 minutes.  

One hazard of a cupcake-themed diaper cake :  It was too realistic looking for a 2-year old!

Sprinkles everywhere.  Becca special ordered them in bulk online in my special colors.  That's a true friend, right there!!

Dessert Table

What would a party of mine be without these?!

The favors were homemade sprinkled sugar cookies personalized with "Penelope Mae", "Baby Girl" and "It's A Girl"

I'm always on the fence about what to give as favors (should you even bother? Do people even care?)  But I've learned it's always safe to go the edible/drinkable route...let me tell you, these went fast!!!

My amazing sister in law created this perfect ruffled cake with a chocolate-oreo filling! 

(This cake alone make me postpone my previously mentioned glucose tests a whole week)

Strawberry cupcakes!

Layered Lemon Cheesecake baby food jars!

It was SO hot, the white sangria disappeared before I could sneak a sip!  I hear it was delicious!

LOVED the centerpieces!!!!! Vases filled with sprinkles? Favorite.

Sprinkled candles on crown candle holders?  Becca, you're incredible.  I can't wait to re-purpose these!

The girls  created headbands for Penelope at the Bowtique table, and Becca had me choose a favorite to give a prize to...such a fun, interactive element, and I loved seeing everyone's different styles come out!   Baby P was left with tons of super cute bows I cannot wait for her to wear!   

The "bowtique" was stocked with bows, flowers, elastics and all sorts of accents like feathers and buttons!

Bree's mom, Diane, painted this amazing picture for the nursery that doubled as a guestbook.  All the girls stamped their thumbprints and signed their names.  How talented is she?!?!  I love looking at the cupcake everyday that's now hanging up...and so does O.  Whenever he's in the "baby room" now he says "I love you, cake! Mmm yummy" (see? told you..the kid loves cake!)

I'm not big on shower games, but I realize sometimes they can be, Becca came up with one I'd never seen before where guests had to identify the body parts from various ultrasounds I've had at different stages.  I think it was Brooke Tormey and Kindy who got all of these right...and seriously some were super tricky!!  

Sprinkled balloons from Bree!

Jess and Becca's banner!

I loved every second of this party!! 

Thank you a million times to my amazing friends who put so much work into it!!  I can't wait to throw you all incredible showers and maybe give me a reason to?!?!?


Saturday, June 1

Photo Dump #8

Life has been so busy these past few weeks, savoring my time left with just O all while preparing for little miss P!  

Here's a quick run down of some happy times lately:

Becca, her mom Barbara and I all got to go to the Dancing With The Stars Finals!   It was AMAZING and if I had more energy, I would tell you every single last detail.  But long story short, we brushed fame with a bajillion celebs (I was seated next to Derek's family and Mark's girlfriend!!  Becca was right by Patti Stanger! Plus she talked to Kelli Pickler!)

They make you check your phones outside, so here's our after picture (keyword AFTER...DWTS is a super fun but looooong day!)

Screen shot Megan posted of us on TV! 

Ty and O hanging out with Bets.  Pants optional.

My amazing Mother's Day card.  O walked down to our room and said "Here Mama!" very proud of himself, and I teared up. And not just because there was an Aero bar stuffed in the envelope.

We crashed our friend's vacation in Palm Springs for a much needed pool day and fam getaway.  Thanks, Polancos!!!  

Note to friends: If you invite us on your family vacation, I hope you are serious, because we WILL show up! haha

A little teaser from my INCREDIBLE baby sprinkle.  That gets it's own post though!  Love Val, Lena and Kat.  These girls all drove from the IE or OC to celebrate baby P!

My Besties, Bree, Becca and Jess, who were responsible for the whole thing.  Love. Love. Love!

Still having fun baking these little gems...this was a custom order for a baby shower for boy/girl twins!

My brother Ryan graduated with his MBA from Point Loma.  Such a fun day and I truly appreciated the spectacle his girlfriend Kristen created.  If you know my brother, you know spectacles are his nightmare.  So these signs and airhorns were perf...

Good job, bro!

Gma insisted O was chilly and needed to be cuddled on such a "brisk" May morning in San Diego.

...More of the spectacle....


Me looking super preg with the whole fam

Ry's friends call him "Hashtag" b/c he wanted to be "Number Wann" (get it? slightly douchy, I agree) for Ultimate Frisbee...but it ended up looking like "hashtag Wann" ...and voila!

If I haven't said it here before, I LOVE Ryan's girlfriend, Kristen.  Possibly more than him.  I've told him this in person, so I don't feel bad telling the internet.

My boys

Nothing like a precious baby girl newborn shoot to make my baby fever spike...

One of the many things I love about Ty?  He's a patient, and actually willing, shopping partner.  Like I don't even have to ask if he will go with me to try on cheap dresses at F21 and to look at more bamboo blankets at Nordies. I know he just will, and he won't complain once.  Now that we have O, he's also an amazing department store baby wrangler/entertainer which allows Mom to shop in peace and at her leisure, all the while still being around my favorites.  What's better?  

Case in point.  I'm checking out at the Brass Plum counter and I hear O say "Mama, look!"  So fabulous, my child!

O and his friend Sofia at her second birthday!  They're both too interested in the Pinata behind me to pose cute this year, I guess.

Mama Coco's booze free invention that she really stole from the Macaroni Grill.  Alchy-free Mojito that tastes amaaaazing.

On that note, I hope you all have a wonderful, refreshing weekend!